Mormone vs. Jesuit
Meow! Meow! Splash!  Anthroposophical Cat-Fight in the Egoisten Mud-Pit!  Please, Everybody, Dive In and Wallow!!!!

By Hollywood Tom Mellett

Egoistische Sonderkorrespondent der Akasha-Boulevardchronik

Egoisten’s Special Correspondent for the Akasha Tabloid.

Gestern habe ich die neueste “Archiati vs. Clement” Egoistenschlammschlact bei der amerikanischen Waldorf Critics Yahoo Gruppe berichtet.  Dann habe ich den Clement Beitrag ins Englisch uebersetzt.

Spekulation vs. Erkenntnis
You go Christian Clement!!!  Kick that Dago Jesuit’s ass!!! Yeah!!!

I’m cheering for you like at an American college football game:

Push ‘em back, push ‘em back!  Waaaayyyyy back!!
First and Ten! Do it again! First and Ten! Do it again!
DEEE-Fence!  DEEE-Fence!!!

The Mormons vs. the Jesuits

BYU vs. Marquette

But wait, your present opponent is not our esteemed Professor Staudemaier at that hallowed Jesuit University in Milwaukee, but no, instead your present opponent is that Italian former Jesuit priest turned Anthroposophist, Pietro Archiati.

(OK, I understand that Padre Pietro may not have been ordained as a JESUIT priest, but I do know he was ordained as a bona fide Catholic priest of some order for 6 years before he left the priesthood in 1977 when he discovered anthroposophy and thus became a real apostate to Holy Mother Church and now fervent purveyor of Mormon conspiracies against anthroposophy.)

Anyway, Christian, please forgive my provocative exuberance about your present metaphysical mêlée with Archiati, but this epistemological and ontological donnybrook simply has to be reported to the English-speaking Steiner world and there is no better promoter and reporter of Anthroposophical Mud-Wrestling matches than your humble correspondent of the Akasha Tabloid, me, myself and moi, the Hollywood Tomfortas, Grail Knight Errant of the Steiner Internet!!!!!

So let’s get down and dirty, shall we.  This mud’s for everyone!

Thus, Christian, I have taken the liberty of translating your recent blog article posted to Michael Eggert’s German Egoisten site where you soundly take down your willful Jesuitical if not outright Jesuit opponent.

(Oh, and here’s my only Translator’s Note:  Christian, I just love your German snark! I hope my own native New Yawk City English snark can do it justice.)

{Ingrid dearest, I am not sure if there is yet a German word for “snark” as I use it above.  But I figure you would be the one to ask if one exists. Danke!}


Mythos vs. Logos

With his metaphysical speculations, is Pietro Archiati demolishing the SKA --- or just himself?

January 9, 2015
Translated by Tom Mellett

Several times in the past few days on the Egoisten blog, the question of Pietro Archiati’s mental stability has been raised. The introduction to his new book, Does a Spiritual SCIENCE really exist? [The Battle for the Salvation of Humanity] demonstrates that, at the very least, the issue of his integrity as a thinker, publisher --- and as an Anthroposophist --- is entirely justified.

Consider just these three telling examples [of Archiati’s delusions]:

 [that] the leaders of the Mormon Church are not genuine human beings, but rather spiritual beings incarnated in human bodies who hate freedom and hate anthroposophy. This is definitively proven based on statements of Rudolf Steiner (although Steiner himself never spoke publicly on the subject of "Mormons").

• [that]  I myself as editor have been installed by the Mormons into my current position as an academic (by approving my dissertation) and that I now function as their puppet, being totally clueless about what I am actually disseminating into the world. (Mr. Archiati apparently still believes that the University of Utah, where I acquired my doctoral degree some years ago, is a Mormon institution, even though I have already corrected this several times in public.)

[that] a rumor was reported in the Der Europäer  [publication]

[NOTE: Der Europäer is …” one of the major anthroposophist conspiracy journals and a mouthpiece for the right-wing fringe among Steiner's latter-day followers.” --– P. Staudenmaier]

that certain statements made by me and David Hoffmann (no longer to be reconstructed word for word) about the topic of "why the manuscript of [the book] Outline of Occult Science features so few corrections,”  has been so twisted by Mr. Archiati that he makes us appear to be denying spiritual cognition as the source of knowledge for anthroposophy. (Of course it is totally obvious that the number of manuscript corrections in this or any other [literary] work has absolutely nothing to do with the question of where Steiner acquired his knowledge! If Archiati really believes that Steiner had no need to correct his manuscript because he only needed to jot it all down verbatim, as it were, from the Akashic records, then one might ask how he [Archiati] might explain the numerous revisions that Steiner made in this and in other texts of his.)

Archiati has put the opening pages of his introduction online.

Even in these few pages the question is obviously begged:  whether you can take such a person seriously --- a man who not only entertains such fantasies, but also proclaims them in public as if they were facts --- or, whether he is actually demolishing himself as a scholar, an editor and as an Anthroposophist by allowing such free rein to his paranoid fantasies about the "Mormon conspiracy." 


  1. Herr Doktor (Staudenmaier) hat gesagt:


    Thanks to Tom for translating Christian Clement's post at the Egoisten blog. The anthroposophist attacks on Clement's project are completely scurrilous (and Archiati's aren't even the nuttiest of them). These reactions are a perfect example of the confusion between critique and discrediting.

    Because Clement is editing a critical edition of some of Steiner's works, a remarkable number of anthroposophists have somehow convinced themselves that he is out to discredit Steiner. That notion is preposterous. Steiner's defensive followers are never going to be able to understand his teachings as long as they remain allergic to the basic standards of critical reading.

    Greetings to all,

    Peter S.

  2. Irgendwann werden Anthroposophen sich vielleicht verwirrt fragen, wer mit "Herr Doktor" gemeint ist. Besonderen Dank auch an Peter Staudenmaiers begriffliche Formulierung "not even the nuttiest of them." Die deutschsprachigen, aber dennoch gegenüber Anregungen nicht unempfänglichen Egoisten ersehnen sich jetzt natürlich mal ein Score, gewissermaßen eine Hitliste, Top Ten der blödesten anthroposophischen Kommentatoren gegenüber der SKA . Danke für die Vermittlung, Tom. Ich werde Peter jetzt mal eine direkte Einladung zum Schreiben schicken, falls ich seine Email Adresse finde.

  3. Und, nochmals zur Erinnerung, die zweite Version dieses Blogs, aber in ganz anderer Optik: http://www.egoisten.de/aktuell/

  4. Hi Tom. My remarks on Archati were revised just a few hours after I posted them. Maybe you want to adjust the translation, too? I know, its no longer as sensational as college sports, but for the sake of accuracy ... Christian

    1. Hallo Christian, thank you for being such a good sport --- and also realizing that you are not the target of my satire, but your detractors are. (BTW, I had to explain to Stave Hale on WC that I was not attacking you. Please read the whole post here:

      As for your revisions, I will read your new version, and I am a stickler (Nörgler) for accuracy, especially in translation. However, you must realize the wider context of my satirical tomfoolery (meiner satirischen Alfanzerei) here, which makes less of an issue about what you write and more of an issue about the raging (das Wüten) of your self-justifying hecklers (selbstrechtfertigende Zwischenrufer).

      First of all, I call attention to this survey about the geographical karma of narcissism on Facebook. Of course it applies equally to Egoisten --- might I say especially on Egoisten!

      Therefore, you in Utah are the most immune to the ravages of Ahrimanic Narcissism, which permeates (durchdringt) my entire Gemüt here in California, especially where my geographical destiny takes me, to Hollywood, the Ground Zero (Nullpunkt) or the “Epicenter of Megalomania” (Der Größenwahnsinnherd) in the entire Steiner Universe.

      (Perhaps I should start my own blog here and call it Megalo-Egoisten! ;=))

      But secondly -- und wirklich ernster --- I satirize your detractors because they are all expressing an aspect of what Steiner’s close contemporary Max Weber, would have called “die Veralltäglichung des Steiners Charismas” (“The Routinizing of Steiner’s Charisma.”)
      [TR. NOTE: Can you suggest a better word than “routinizing?]

      You see, Christian, with your SKA project, put alongside Peter Staudenmaier’s historical research on anthroposophy during the Nazi time, and then Helmut Zander’s comprehensive external history of Anthroposophy – all three of you are showing to the world at large, i.e., the world outside the ingrown [eingewachsene?) cult-religion that is anthroposophy today, just how much Rudolf Steiner’s “charisma” has been “routinized” since his death in 1925.

      In your case, I see that your detractors are freaking out about Mormonism because they must subconsciously feel that their beloved movement of anthroposophy is a lot like Mormonism in its own particular unfolding as a cult-religion.

      So please allow me to reveal to you here and now, Christian, for the first time in human history, the prophecy I have been carrying within my Gemüt for at least the past two years:

      “I have seen the future of the Anthroposophical Movement, and it is Neo-Mormonism.

      “Ich habe die Zukunft der anthroposophischen Bewegung gesehen, und sie heisst Neomormonismus!”

      Also, bitte alle uns in die Schlammbresche zu werfen! Miau! Miau! Platsch!

  5. And to complete the satire: Archiati (Oblati di Maria Immacolata, OMI) can be assigned to the University of Ottawa (http://www.archives.uottawa.ca/eng/rectors.html).

    1. Hallo Ton Majoor,

      Danke vielmals uns mit der richtigen Ordensgemeinschaft fur Padre Pietro beliefert zu haben. (Ich mache hier eine metaphysische Spekulation: dass Padre Pietro diesselbe Stigmatasierung wie Padre Pio erhalten würde. In diesem Sinne, was ist eigentlich der armen JvH zugestoßen?)

      Because I myself grew up Irish Roman Catholic in New York City, then I recognize the religious order OMI = The “Oblates of Mary Immaculate.” I see that you linked me to their university in Canada. However, in the USA, there is an OMI center in San Antonio, Texas, and even the Oblate School of Theology (OST). (I lived 17 years in Austin, Texas, 150 km north of San Antonio.)

      Jetzt etwas sehr bemerkenswert! The acronym OMI should really be MOMI, with the first M as “Missionary.” So you see, Padre Pietro was a Missionary Oblate and therefore his missionary zeal (Missionseifer) is somewhat comparable to that of the Mormon Church which also has a special emphasis on missionary work for their members to accomplish.

      So now might we see both Prof. Christian Clement and Padre Pietro Archiati as two Steiner missionaries talking shop (im Fachgespräch)?

    2. Provo (Westen), Marquette (Mitte) und Ottawa (Osten) bilden auf der Karte eine gerade, kritische Linie.

    3. Ich komm ja auch eher aus der katholischen Richtung, obwohl mein Vater evangelisch war bevor er aus der Kirche austrat. Er hatte was gegen die Kirchensteuer.
      Satirisch ist doch eigentlich, wenn man die eigene Herkunft auf die Schippe nehmen kann und somit wieder mit dem ganzen riesigen Schmelztiegel der Nationen verschmilzt.

  6. Über die Zugehörigkeit einer Individualität zu einer größeren Gruppe mit ihrer Richtung und Charakter äußerte sich Steiner 1886, u.a.:

    Der Mensch gehört aber nicht nur sich, er gehört auch der Gesellschaft an. Was sich in ihm darlebt, ist nicht bloß seine Individualität, sondern zugleich jene des Volksverbandes, dem er angehört. Was er vollbringt, geht ebenso wie aus der seinen, zugleich aus der Vollkraft seines Volkes hervor. Er erfüllt mit seiner Sendung einen Teil von der seiner Volksgenossenschaft. Es kommt darauf an, daß sein Platz innerhalb seines Volkes ein solcher ist, daß er die Macht seiner Individualität voll zur Geltung bringen kann. …Wer die Richtung vorzeichnen will, in der sich eine bestimmte Tätigkeit eines Volkes zu bewegen hat, darf diesem nichts Äußerliches aufdrängen: er muß einfach aussprechen, was im Volkscharakter unbewußt liegt. GA 2, S.122-3

    But the human being does not belong only to himself; he also belongs to society. What lives and manifests in him is not merely his individuality but also that of the nation to which he belongs. What he accomplishes emerges just as much out of the full strength of his people as out of his own. With his mission he also fulfills a part of the mission of the larger community of his people. The point is for his place within his people to be such that he can bring to full expression the strength of his individuality. This is possible only if the social organism is such that the individual is able to find the place where he can set to work. It must not be left to chance whether he finds this place or not. … A person who wants to predetermine the direction a particular activity of a people has to take must not impose anything upon it from outside; he must simply express what lies unconsciously within the character of his people. GA002 c.18

  7. ***** MORMONISCHE EILMELDUNG *********

    ***** BREAKING MORMON NEWS *********

    Herr Professor Christian Clement is now under attack by Mormon fanatics in Utah, being called a Socialist for his support of Bernie Sanders, but even worse for his disparagement of past Mormon leaders as small-minded. Sounds just like the attacks he gets from Anthroposophical fanatics like Pietro Archiati, Willi Lochcman, and especially here from the Egoisten fanatic Kees Kromme!


    I copy an excerpt below. How easy it is to substitute "Anthroposophical Society" for "BYU", and "Goetheanum" for "Church" and "Anthroposophists" for "latter-day saints", usw, and it would sound just like something Kees Kromme would write.

    Speaking as an employee of the Church, he felt the need to criticize latter-day saints for actually believing what the leaders of the faith teach, calling it “indoctrination”, essentially calling the leaders quoted “ignorant” and “small minded”.

    How would members of the Church feel if they knew sending their children to BYU, they would be sending their kids to a place that has professors expressing (speaking as an employee) such disdain for the teachings of the Church which the university is supposed to be representing?

    We hope it isn’t becoming a trend among prominent members at BYU to disparage Church leaders.

    1. Danke fuer diese Nachricht Tommytom. Vielleicht kann manchs in mein Blog uebernommen werden. Es war schon lange zu ruhig, ich denke das SKA initiative verblutet allmaehlich. Holzboog wird sich inzwischen beraten warum so wenig Buecher verkauft werdn und ob dieser Katasthrofe noch weiter sponsoriert werdn muss.

    2. Mein Eindruck ist, dass die Anti-SKA Hysterie allmählich verblutet bzw. schon verblutet ist, während das Projekt "Kritische Ausgabe" blüht und gedeiht. Band 6 mit der "Theosophie" und der "Anthroposophie" ist beim Setzer und erscheint Ende dieses Jahres; Band 8 zur Kosmogonie, mit einem Vorwort von Wouter Hanegraaff, erscheint nächstes Jahr. Beste Grüße.

  8. Many BYU Professors have been fired for developing their own minds out of the expected public script declared by the Mormons for all their members to follow and to confess to the world as the only truth. All Mormons, including the BUY Professors, are expected to declare to the world, "[that] THIS church is the only true church"; and "all our Prophets have been inspired by God!"

    While we all know at this point of the election campaign that Bernie Sanders has a lost cause, (Sanders knows that he will not be elected as President of the USA, particularly when much of the dysfunction in socialist Europe is now coming out of the closet to punch all dreaming idealists on their faces), Prof. Clemens may be suffering from the logical consequences of his own asphyxiating Faustian Pact with the Mormons, under which he may now be clinging onto the Mormon Welfare Program to cover the financial needs of his large family, while on the other hand he may be suffering from the cultural starvation that such a compromise will produce in the mind of someone who is used to read more culturally relevant literature than what the Book of Mormon has to offer to the world.

    Tom, you mentioned in another discussion that there is a Mormon leader who was born in Germany. The Mormons have a long-standing relationship with the Nazis since before WWII. Remember the similarities existing between the Nazi Program for the creation of the Arian Race, Lebensborn, and the Polygamy program that led the Mormons to teach that one drop of black blood would cause the curse. It is very known in Utah that the Mormons have been helping numerous Nazis to resettle in Utah. one of such cases was documented by myself in the case of Cora Witt, a girl who was given in polygamy by her Nazi dad in Utah, after he may have escaped the Nuremberg Trials: LOOKING FOR CORA http://wp.me/p4fKba-Fk

    The Mormons went on practicing an insane ideology of practical eugenics, by inbreeding inside closed circles that were maintained in secrecy for fear of law enforcement. They maintained the inbreeding, until their secret practice (polygamy has always been against the law in the United States) came back to boomerang them through their own genetics: They succeeded in creating a new form of genetic dysfunction, the FUMARIC ACIDURIA http://wp.me/p4fKba-1wx : The existence of this genetic dysfunction is a known taboo among the Mormons in Utah, but they prefer to keep it quiet in public.

    We all know how the German government has kept lying to the world, to relocate their Nazis into safe areas of the world. I have written about this part in my today's posting: U.K. STAY AWAY! http://wp.me/p4fKba-1Dm

    All of these things remain unspoken in Utah, because the Mormons run the public relations and media outlets in the state. If a newspaper would publish any of these conditions in an article, you can be sure that it would be shut down immediately. The defunct Joseph Smith himself was known for setting a newspaper printing office in fire after he was criticized for his licentious lifestyle.

    1. Bemerkenswerter Artikel.
      Vor allem wirft er exemplarisch ein Licht auf die Tatsache, dass die verborgenen Unterstützer der Nazis immer schon das größere Problem waren als die Nazis selbst und es bis heute sind. Natürlich auch auf die Tatsache, wie albern es im Grunde ist, die Augen davor verschließen zu wollen, ob nicht unter den eigenen vergötterten Ikonen sich solche verborgenen Unterstützer befinden, während man im selben Atemzug der nur allzu bequemen Versuchung erliegt, in allen noch so unbedeutenden und sogar unwirklichen Antagonisten und Meinungsgegnern ausgemachte "Nazis" zu sehen.


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