shut up white boys oder: Retweetet von Friedrich Nietzsche

Thank you, @sosadtoday


  1. "Nicht ich, sondern Nietzsche in mir."

    --- Rudolf Steiner (vor seinem Bekehrungserlebnis ausgangs Kali Yuga)

    1. Achtung Stephan Birkholz!!!

      Dieser Beitrag looks like a great place to write aphorisms about anthroposophy suitable for Twitter. Recall that Rudolf Steiner himself used Dante’s motto fto describe the Consciousness Soul Age:

      Abandon all hope ye who enter here!

      Lasst, die ihr eintretet, alle Hoffnung fahren!

      Today my own Bewusstseinsseelenzeitaltersprichwort answers the question: “What is Anthroposophy?” by updating Shakespeare’s Macbeth

      First, let us read the original words of Macbeth, Act V, Scene 5

      [Life] is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

      [Das Leben] ein Märchen ist’s, erzählt von einem Blödling, voller Klang und Wut, das nichts bedeutet.


      Now here is Guru Hollywood Tom’s update of Shakespeare, making a new motto for the Age of the Consciousness Soul:

      What is Anthroposophy?

      Anthroposophy is a tale told by an idiot-savant, full of ‘just so’ stories, signifying Narcissism.”


      Here is my Hollywood Deutsch rendition. Feel free to improve and write your own:


      Was ist Anthroposophie?

      Die Anthroposophie! Ein Märchen ist’s, erzählt von einem Inselbegabter, voller Genau-so-Geschichten,
      die Narzissmus bedeuten.

      NOTE: die “Genau-so Geschichten” sind die “Just so stories” von Rudyard Kipling (1902)

    2. Hi Tom!
      I have absolutely no idea of the meaning of 'so sad today' - will meditate about...

  2. Hallo Michael,

    Here is an interview with a Professor of Religion (ein amerikanischer Helmut Zander?) who believes that all Western philosophers, from Descartes to Kant (and we must include Rudolf Steiner) are “white boys” who should shut up.

    George Yancy: I’d like to begin with an observation — maybe an obvious one — that the task of engaging race or whiteness in philosophy has been taken up almost exclusively by nonwhite philosophers. My sense is that this is partly because whiteness is a site of privilege that makes it invisible to many white philosophers.

    I also think that some white philosophers would rather avoid thinking about how their own whiteness raises deeper philosophical questions about identity, power and hegemony, as this raises the question of personal responsibility. I have found that it is often very difficult to convince white philosophers that they should also take up this project in their work — they tend to avoid it, or don’t consider it philosophically relevant. Do you agree?

    John D. Caputo: “White” is of the utmost relevance to philosophy, and postmodern theory helps us to see why.
    We tend to say “we” and to assume who “we” are, which once simply meant “we white male Euro-Christians.”
    I think that what modern philosophers call “pure” reason — the Cartesian ego cogito and Kant’s transcendental consciousness — is a white male Euro-Christian construction.

    White is not “neutral.” “Pure” reason is lily white, as if white is not a color or is closest to the purity of the sun, and everything else is “colored.” Purification is a name for terror and deportation, and “white” is a thick, dense, potent cultural signifier that is closely linked to rationalism and colonialism. What is not white is not rational. So white is philosophically relevant and needs to be philosophically critiqued — it affects what we mean by “reason” — and “we” white philosophers cannot ignore it.


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