Flirten mit dem Desaster. Mitwirkende: Tom Mellett, Douglas Gabriel und Frank Thomas Smith


here is the text I tried to post on Egoisten.  It is perhaps too long for one comment and may have to be split up.  My MacBook died and I am on iPad Air which I still have dicciculty with 

Facebook conversation involving Tom Mellett, Douglas Gabriel and Frank Thomas Smith:

Thanks old buddy. Three different German authors interviewed me about Star Wars but I never saw the finished articles. The author of the "Official Star Wars History" (written with George Lucas), interviewed me and said he is dedicating a chapter on my influence in Star Wars in his new book. I am not sitting around waiting to see the end product. Two of them were Anthropops and seemed quite sincere. Another Anthro interviewed me about Indiana Jones movies and the help I gave to inspire the stories. I am bummed out that ME seems to be a whimpy troll who I can't even get to come out of his cave, or from under his bridge, wherever he hides in. You know Tom old buddy, I don't pay any attention to the PR, I just keep working. Lots of people write to Tyla to say they love our work, but I just keep working. But when nasssty, small-minded trolls pop up, its like Wack-a-Mole time. Thanks again. Hope you are feeling fine.

Yeah, I saw a piece about Douglas in a German anthroposophical publication as well, forget which one; the anthroassholes eat that Starwars stuff up. But I think we should give your old buddy D. Gabriel credit where due: he at least acknowledges that George Lucas helped him write the screenplay. You know, though, Tom, I have the impression that Douglas actually believes all that scrum he emits. I knew a guy like that once in Switzerland – a super-anthropop German with whom I made the mistake of working with. He could look you in the eye and lie, knowing that you must know its a lie; called compulsive lying. Trump may suffer from the same malady. A big difference is – when Douglas does it, who cares? When my German friend did it, he destroyed an initiative; when Trump does it, he could destroy the world, or a least a big piece of it.

Dearest Elder Archbishop Francisco, I must castigate both you and Brother Douglas with the same Truth rod but for different reasons. Both of you are stuck in the morass of the Intellectual Soul (Verstandsseele), you because you still believe that truth matters while Brother Douglas seeks to engage in a pissing contest with Michael 

Now your Eminence Francisco, may I lecture you now with stuff from a Steiner lecture of 1911 in Berlin where the good Herr Doktor tells us that Anger (Zorn) educates the Sentient Soul (Empfindungsseele) until we arrive at Truth (Wahrheit) which educates the Intellectual Soul (Verstandsseele) until reverence (Andacht) educates the Consciousness Soul (Bewusstseinsseele)

Today we live in a post 1998 (666 x 3) world where Truth no longer matters.  Yet Truth still matters greatly to you, or else you wouldn’t be so het up about Douglas being a truth bender.  That is a sign that your are stuck in the Intellectual Soul and cannot move past that position.

I am not saying that Truth does not exist; no, I believe that truth still exists, but nonetheless, it is totally irrelevant in this new phase of our Consciousness Soul Age.  Why else is Trump President of the United States?

Now, as for your charge about Douglas being a compulsive liar, well, you are correct in your diagnosis because Douglas has allowed Lucifer to gain too much power in his etheric body and the result is that Christ allows Ahriman to take over Douglas’ etheric body and turn him into a “compulsive liar” (Gewohnheitslügner).

I quote Dr. Steiner from a lecture given 16.11.1922, GA 218

“Wenn Sie einen Einblick haben in die ätherische Natur des Menschen, nicht in die physische Natur bloß, sondern in die ätherische Natur, dann haben Sie da eben solche Bedingungen für Enttäuschungen der ahrimanischen und luziferischen Mächte, denn wenn im Ätherleibe die luziferischen Mächte über die ahrimanischen Mächte siegen, wird der Mensch zum Gewohnheitslügner.”

Now, Frank, you don’t need to become a Gewohnheitslügner because you are just too old-fashioned and believe that truth matters when it doesn’t anymore.   

Well, let me stop pontificating here an send this off.

Fr. Thomasius


Beliebt & berüchtigt